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Using Heat Guns For Car Filming 3 Major Steps
Jul 24, 2018

Today, Xiaobian introduces the general process of using heat guns for car foiling, so that everyone can understand the filming process in an easy-to-understand way. The film requires approximately 3 steps.

1. Wet roasting and setting: use the scraper and heat gun for warming and pressing. This time process takes one and a half hours to two hours to complete. “The wet-baked styling film is actually very simple, and it is difficult to see if it is enough.” In the summer, the vehicles that choose to apply the film are endless. A film team of about 4 people has been busy filming new cars from 8 am to 6 pm.

2 dry roasting stereotype: use a heat gun to form a large area on the surface of the diaphragm to form a shrinkage, and then tie with the wet roasting. When the owner chooses the dry-baked styling film beauty point, it must be cautious because of the quality of the film. The professional film shop has special processes and tools. There are at least 13 tools required for each film link. The tools used only for drowning are divided into hard and soft. Before using hard scraping water, apply a protective film to prevent damage to the film before it can be drowned.

3. Dry and wet combination setting: use a heat gun to heat the surface of the diaphragm to form a shrinkage and match the shape of the scraper. A successful film-filming technician generally needs more than two years of training to fully grasp the construction techniques of dry and wet combination of different models. Therefore, the shortage of qualified automotive film technicians is a bottleneck restricting the development of the film industry, and the quality of non-professional beauty shop films is worrying.