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How To Use Heat Guns
Jul 24, 2018

The heat gun is one of the important tools for repairing communication equipment. It is mainly composed of basic components such as air pump, air flow stabilizer, linear circuit board, handle and outer casing.

Its main role is to desolder small patch components and chip integrated circuits.

Proper use of the heat gun can improve maintenance efficiency and damage the phone motherboard if not used properly. If some maintenance personnel remove the power amplifier or CPU, they find that the mobile phone circuit board is out of solder joints, the plastic cable holder and the keyboard base are damaged, and even a short circuit occurs. This is actually caused by the maintenance personnel not knowing the characteristics of the heat gun.

1. Method of blow soldering small patch components

The small chip components mainly include chip resistors, chip capacitors, chip inductors and chip transistors. For these small components, a heat gun is generally used for blow welding. When welding, be sure to master the air volume, wind speed and direction of the airflow. If not done properly, not only will the small components be blown away, but also large components will be damaged.

The small soldering chip components are generally small nozzles, the temperature of the heat gun is adjusted to 2~3, and the wind speed is adjusted to 1~2. After the temperature and airflow are stable, the small patch component can be clamped with a finger pliers, so that the nozzle of the heat gun is 2~3cm away from the component to be disassembled, and is kept vertical, and uniformly heated in the upper direction of the component, and the solder around the component is melted. Afterwards, remove it with a finger pliers.

If the small component is soldered, the component should be placed in the positive direction. If the tin on the solder joint is insufficient, the soldering iron can be used to fill the solder joint with an appropriate amount of solder. The soldering method is the same as the disassembly method. Just pay attention to the temperature and airflow direction.

2. Method of blowing a solder chip integrated circuit

When soldering a chip integrated circuit with a heat gun, first apply an appropriate amount of flux on the surface of the chip, which not only prevents dry blowing, but also helps the solder joints at the bottom of the chip to melt evenly.

Since the size of the chip integrated circuit is relatively large, a large nozzle can be used for the blow welding, the temperature of the heat gun can be adjusted to 3 to 4, the air volume can be adjusted to 2 to 3, and the nozzle of the air gun is 2.5 cm from the chip. The left and right are suitable. When welding, the solder should be evenly heated on the top of the chip until the solder balls at the bottom of the chip are completely melted. At this time, the whole chip is removed with a finger pliers.

It should be noted that when blowing such chips, it is necessary to pay attention to whether or not the peripheral components are affected. After the chip is removed, the residual tin is left on the mobile phone circuit board, and the tin can be removed by a soldering iron. If the chip is soldered, the chip should be aligned with the corresponding position of the board, and the soldering method is the same as the method of disassembly.

(Remind you: the nozzle of the heat gun should be perpendicular to the welding surface, the distance should be moderate; the temperature and airflow of the heat gun should be appropriate; when blowing the mobile phone circuit board, the spare battery should be removed to prevent the battery from being heated and exploding; The heat gun power supply should be turned off in time to avoid the long-term high temperature of the handle and shorten the service life. It is forbidden to blow the mobile phone display with a heat gun.)

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