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How To Choose A Heat Gun
Jul 24, 2018

Let me tell you how to choose a durable and good quality heat gun. If you learn your choice, it will not only increase your work efficiency, but also save a lot of money.

1 The air volume should be even and soft, and the air volume will be soft and will not damage the device. The temperature should be stable and not high and low, which means that the original inside the heat gun is stable.

2 The air outlet is made of stainless steel, and the stainless steel has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high heat dissipation, so that the heat gun housing is always in a low temperature state and is not easily deformed. This allows the heat gun to be used for a long time in a high-intensity working environment.

3 For the high-power tool power cord of the heat gun, it must use 0.75 full copper, which can work for a long time without heating and safer.

4 The use of heat-resistant insulation material for the outer body, that is to say, you will not be hot and will not deform when you start working for a long time.

5 instructions, certificate, warranty card invoices must be complete, after-sales protection.

According to this standard, you can choose a high-quality heat gun that you can choose.