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Heat Gun Operation Guidelines
Jul 24, 2018

<1> Be sure to use it reliably before use to prevent static electricity from damaging the device.

<2> should be adjusted to the appropriate temperature and air volume, according to the shape of the nozzle, the characteristics of the work requirements to adjust the temperature and air volume of the heat gun; resistance, capacitance and other small components of the desoldering time of about 5 seconds, the general IC desoldering time 15 seconds or so, the small BGA desoldering time is about 30 seconds, and the big BGA desoldering time is about 50 seconds. (For example, the white light 850B heat gun uses the A1130 nozzle when the air volume is adjusted to 1st gear, the temperature is adjusted to 3.5 gears; when the nozzle is not used, the air volume is adjusted to 4th gear. The temperature is adjusted to 4 speeds. The digital display type ATTEN850D uses the A1130 nozzle to adjust the air volume to 3 speeds and the temperature to 350 degrees; when the nozzle is not used, the air volume is adjusted to 4.5 speeds and the temperature is adjusted to 380 degrees).

<3> When the power switch is turned on, the heat gun should be preheated until the temperature is stable. After welding, the soldering iron part should be uniformly heated to the untouchable component at 1~2CM above the component; during the desoldering process, pay attention to protect the surrounding element. Device security.

<4> Do not use too much force when installing the nozzle. Do not hit the workbench with a soldering iron to give a strong impact to avoid damage to the heating wire and high temperature glass.

<5> High temperature operation should be very careful. Do not use the heat gun near flammable gas or flammable objects. Pay attention to personal safety, replace parts, leave the power supply and wait for it to cool. Do not pull out the power plug for a long time.

<6> When the work is completed, turn off the power switch. At this time, the automatic cooling period starts, and the power plug cannot be pulled out during the cooling period.