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Detailed Analysis Of Heat Gun Overheat Protection
Jul 24, 2018

Why should the heat gun be set to overheat protection? What is the use of overheat protection for heat guns? The following small series will analyze the heat protection function of the heat gun in detail. Overheat protection refers to the protection of the system. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature value, the circuit is automatically cut off so that it will not burn the whole machine due to some irresistible factors. For example, some designs are more perfect. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the power can be automatically cut off to control the temperature of the iron within the set range. However, if the temperature control switch fails for some reason, such as the voltage increases, the temperature of the iron will continue to rise. In case of accidents such as fires, in order to prevent this dangerous phenomenon from happening, the electric iron is additionally protected by overheating, so the heat gun provided with overheat protection not only greatly increases the safety of the user. Moreover, setting the overheat protection also plays a key role in extending the life of the heat gun heater.

Many people who do welding know the heat gun. The heat gun is widely used in life. At present, the heat gun is used in many parts for the welding of some components. In mobile phone repair and electronic product repair, heat guns are often seen at work. There are a lot of small details to be aware of when using a heat gun. If you are not careful, you may have many problems.

First of all, when the heat gun is used, the temperature will be relatively high. Therefore, it is best not to use it with some plastic utensils when it is used. If the plastic is melted, it will not only damage the components, but also cause trouble for welding. Adjust the temperature when soldering, too high temperature will cause component damage.

Secondly, it is still the temperature problem of the heat gun. The temperature of the heat gun is high. Be careful when working. Do not blow your hands or direct the hot air to the people around you to avoid personal safety. Moreover, it is impossible to place things that are easy to catch fire. Some flammable and explosive ones are easily ignited by heat guns, such as cotton wadding or some flammable gas.

The heat gun should be kept in a ventilated place, and it must be completely cooled before use. Otherwise, the heat gun may ignite the surrounding things, so the flammable items and the heat gun cannot be stored together in the workplace. . Always keep the nozzle of the heat gun clean.