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What should you pay attention to when running the AC MOTOR?
Jul 24, 2018

Three-phase asynchronous AC MOTORs have a wide range of applications in industrial equipment. What should be noted in the operation of the AC MOTOR? Below Taizhou Hengfu AC MOTOR Factory will share with you.

(1) The AC MOTOR is generally designed to operate at a location where the altitude does not exceed 1000 m and the ambient air temperature does not exceed 40 °C.

(2) When the AC MOTOR is within ±5% of the additional voltage change, it can run continuously at the rated rate. If the voltage variation exceeds ±5%, the load shall be limited according to the manufacturer's specifications or test results.

(3) For short-time rated AC MOTORs, the temperature rise limit of each part of the AC MOTOR is allowed to increase by 10K compared with the value specified in Table 1-2.

(4) If the maximum ambient temperature of the AC MOTOR is between 40 ° C and 60 ° C, the temperature rise limit specified in the above table shall be subtracted from the ambient temperature exceeding 40 ° C.

(5) Check if the spark under the brush is normal and the collector ring (or steering gear) is burnt and worn.

(6) The temperature rise of the AC MOTOR during operation should be in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations. If there is no such data, refer to Table 1-1.

(7) The allowable temperature of the sliding bearing is 80 ° C (when the oil temperature is not higher than 65 ° C). The allowable temperature of the rolling bearing is 95 ° C (the ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ° C).

(8) In order to avoid moisture, the AC MOTOR that supplies cooling air to the outside must stop the supply of cooling air in time.

(9) If the ambient temperature of the AC MOTOR is between 0 °C and 40 °C (for example, t °C), the temperature rise limit generally does not increase. When an agreement is made with the manufacturer, an increase of (40-t)K is allowed, but the maximum is 30K.

Cage asynchronous AC MOTORs that are frequently started at full voltage should pay special attention to their heating.

(10) Check if the AC MOTOR has abnormal noise and vibration during operation, and whether the stator and rotor are in phase friction.

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