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What are the sources of AC MOTOR noise?
Jul 24, 2018

As the AC MOTOR life and life increase, the AC MOTOR sometimes produces noise. But what are the sources of AC MOTOR noise? Generally speaking, the classification of common noise of electric AC MOTORs is generally divided into three types: electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise and airway noise. Their basic types are characterized by:

1, the noise brought by electromagnetic

1 octave noise is a multiple of the power frequency.

The 2-tooth harmonic noise is the noise caused by the imbalance of the rotor, the eccentricity of the rotor, the mismatch of the slots, and the imbalance of the rotor.

2. Mechanical noise is a kind of friction sound generated by mechanical parts of AC MOTORs such as bearing noise and broom.

For these common abnormal noises, you can deal with them by some of the following methods.

1) When the stator and the rotor rub against each other, a harsh "click" sound is generated, which is caused by a bearing failure. Method of treatment: Inspect the bearing, update the damaged person, if the bearing is not broken, and find that the bearing is in the inner or outer ring, it can be inlaid or bearing and end cap.

2) If the bearing is in serious shortage of oil, then the sound of "bone and bone" can be heard from the bearing chamber. The treatment is the method: clean the bearings and add new oil.

3) If the AC MOTOR is running out of phase, the click is particularly large. There is also a switch and contactor contacts that are not connected. The treatment is the method: first cut off the power and then close the switch to see if it can start normally. If it does not start, there may be a phase fuse open circuit.

4) If the wind blade hits the shell or has debris, it will make a sound of impact. Treatment: Correct the blades and remove debris from the fan blades of the AC MOTOR.

3, the noise brought by the wind channel

1 The flute noise is the fan rotation that causes the gas cycle to pulsate and the airflow to collide with solid matter to produce a monotonous sound, which is what we usually call the “whistle effect”.

2 Eddy current noise is a kind of eddy current that is generated by the surrounding gas when the fan blade rotates, and its spectrum range is relatively wide.

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