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The difference between grinding wheel and abrasive belt
Feb 12, 2019

Grinding wheels and belts are used in a wide range of processes. The abrasive grain on the abrasive belt has stronger cutting ability than the abrasive wheel abrasive grain, so its grinding efficiency is very high. We can choose whether to use a belt or a grinding wheel depending on the desired effect and material.

Explosion-proof dust-removing grinder

Abrasive belt grinding has a steel removal rate of 700mm3/mm·s, even exceeding turning or milling. The grinding of the belt is relatively high. The power utilization rate of the belt grinding machine has reached 80% in the early stage of abrasive belt grinding. It is ahead of other machine tools, and now it is as high as 96%. In comparison, the grinding wheel grinding machine is only 52%, the milling machine is 57%, and the lathe is 65. %, so abrasive belt grinding is still a good energy-saving processing technology.

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