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Sand belt machine common fault solution
Nov 23, 2018

There are often some minor faults in the belt machine. If it is not handled properly, it may affect the production. The main cost increases are as follows:

Abrasive belt fracture: The belt fracture is mainly caused by the deviation of the belt, or the blunt abrasive belt is not replaced in time, or the hard object in the sanding process, or the quality problem of the belt itself. Straight belt breakage should be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion. When the current of the sanding roller of the console is abnormal, it should be observed whether the abrasive belt has been blunt, and if it is, it should be replaced in time.

Wrinkling of the belt: Once the belt is wrinkled, it can no longer be used. Generally, there are three possibilities for the belt to wrinkle. First, the roller and the tension roller are not parallel in the vertical plane projection. It is necessary to add a pad at the center support cylinder to correct . Second, the belt is dampened by the softness of the belt, and it can be dried and dried. Thirdly, the sanding machine does not use the surface of the sanding roller for a long time to rust and rough, and the sanding belt is difficult to oscillate. At this time, the roller should be rusted or polished with fine sandpaper.

After changing the belt, the size of the sanding board changes: when the locking arm of the sanding machine is loosened or locked, the position fluctuates greatly and should be within 0.5mm. If it is too large, when the locking block locks the cantilever, the difference in the locking force will make the repeating precision of the cantilever different, causing the size of the sanding plate to fluctuate, directly affecting the sanding precision of the sander. When the cantilever error is too large (more than 0.5mm), the locking bolts should be unscrewed and properly adjusted. At the same time, when the belt is replaced, the locking block should be locked in the same strength.

Abrasive belt deviation: Generally caused by improper adjustment, the normal belt swing should be 15-20mm swing, swing frequency 15-20 times / min, moderate swing speed and consistent swing speed if abnormal State, time is long, there may be deviation phenomenon, especially the pendulum swing speed is inconsistent, more likely to trigger.

Into the board deviation, slip, rebound: in the adjustment of the sander, the upper conveyor roller back pressure spring is required to adjust to two-thirds (one third), the upper conveyor roller and the lower conveyor roller should be separated by When the thickness of the slab is less than 1.5 mm or 1 mm, it will cause the slab to run off or slip. In severe cases, it causes a rebound, which may hurt personal safety.

The tensioning speed of the swing roller is too fast: usually, when the tension roller rolls and loosens the belt, the speed of rising or falling is smooth and moderate, and it will not impact the belt, but sometimes the speed of rising or falling will be too fast. This is not good for the belt. The reason is that the middle support cylinder leaks oil, there is no oil or less oil in the cylinder, and the support cylinder can not play a buffering role. The cause of the oil leakage of the support cylinder should be found, and the hydraulic oil should be topped up.

The main bearing is hot or abnormal: the sanding roller, the guide roller and the tension bearing are called the main bearing. Only when the main bearing works normally can the quality of the sanding plate be stable. Once the main bearing fails, it will affect normal operation, and the replacement of the main bearing is very time consuming, and other key components may be damaged during the replacement of the bearing. Therefore, as a sander operator should be responsible, often check for fever and abnormal sound, once found, should promptly identify the cause.

Abnormal vibration of the main bearing housing: Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the main bearing housing is very small. The experienced operator can judge whether it is normal or not. There is no condition to measure with the instrument at the scene, but it can be judged by comparison with other bearing housings. Can be judged from the surface of the sanding board. When the vibration of the bearing housing is abnormal, it can be considered that there are two reasons. First, the bearing is damaged, as long as the bearing is replaced. Second, the contact roller wears out, the garden is lost, the original dynamic balance is destroyed, and the vibration is abnormal. This situation must be Remove the sand roller for maintenance.

Limit failure: The belt has a limit switch on both sides. When the belt swings out, when it goes to one side, it touches the limit switch, the belt is loosened, and the main motor stops automatically, which can effectively protect the belt. Once the limit is broken, the belt can be damaged, the friction frame will produce Mars, and even cause fire and explosion. Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.

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