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Safe operation of dust removal grinder
Sep 20, 2018

1, the user must abide by the "General Rules for the Operation of Metal Cutting Process Safety Technology"

2, the user must be familiar with the structure, performance and maintenance knowledge of the grinder.

3. According to the instructions for the grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel that matches the number of revolutions of the grinding machine. The new collar's grinding wheel must have a factory certificate or check the test mark. If the quality, hardness, particle size and appearance of the grinding wheel are found to be defective before installation, it cannot be used.

As shown in Figure 4, the grinder must be installed firmly and reliably, and the tightening screws are not allowed to loose or damage.

5, the grinding wheel flange must be the same size, the diameter is not allowed to be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel, there must be a flexible gasket between the grinding wheel and the splint.

6, when tightening the nut, use a special wrench, can not be screwed too tight, it is strictly prohibited to hammer with a hard thing to prevent the wheel from being shattered.

7. After the grinding wheel is installed, it is necessary to install a protective cover.

8. When the new wheel is started, don't worry too much. Check it first, and then use it after 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Interns should not replace the grinding wheel.

9. After the grinding wheel is started, it can be used after idling for 2~3 minutes.

10, the grinding wheel is shaking, there is no protective cover, the tool holder is worn, and it is not allowed to be used when the card is not secure. The distance between the grinding wheel and the holder must be less than 3MM.

11. Do not use excessive force or impact the grinding wheel when grinding the workpiece or tool. It is forbidden to grind on the grinder if the workpiece is too large and the hand control is difficult, non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, etc.

12. It is forbidden to work on the same wheel at the same time, and the workpiece should not be ground on the side of the grinding wheel.

13. When grinding, workers are not allowed to stand on the front of the grinding wheel. They must wear protective glasses and dust masks. The workpieces with long grinding time should be cooled in time to prevent hot hands. It is forbidden to wrap the workpiece with cotton yarn for grinding. .

14, often adjust the balance of the surface of the grinding wheel, to maintain a good state.

15. If the grinding wheel wear loss is up to the specified size, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it is forbidden to use.

16, inspection, maintenance, adjustment operations must be stopped when adjusting the gap.

17, the grinder must be equipped with good vacuuming equipment, the installation position is easy to operate, and there must be good lighting, and it is forbidden to work in a dark and narrow operating environment.

18, the public grinder must be set up by a person, all the wheels are not allowed to be wet. The grinding wheel should be inspected before use and can be used only after passing the test.

19, the grinder power should be turned off in time after the end of the sharpening.

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