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How to troubleshoot the grinder?
Aug 25, 2018

How to troubleshoot the Power Bench Grinders?

The motor does not rotate (with electromagnetic sound)

Causes: 1.the starting capacitor is damaged;

             2. Three-phase power supply is out of phase;

             3. The power switch is damaged;

             4. the bearing is stuck;

             5. the winding burned out

Remedy: 1. Replace the new capacitor;

              2. Check the circuit;

              3. Replace the power switch;

              4. Replace the bearing;

              5, repair the winding

The motor does not turn (no electromagnetic sound)

Causes: 1.the power switch is damaged;

             2. Power outage;

             3.the winding burned out

Remedy: 1. Replace the power switch;

              2. Waiting for power supply;

              3, repair the winding

The wheel is fragile or worn too fast

Causes: 1. The type of grinding wheel is incorrect;

             2. The grinding wheel is out of date or the quality is not good;

             3. Bearing damage;

             4, the installation is not correct

Remedy: 1. Replace the grinding wheel corresponding to the type;

              2. Replace the qualified grinding wheel;

              3. Replace the bearing;

              4, the correct installation

The sound is not normal

Causes: 1. bearing wear is serious;

             2. The grinding wheel is not installed correctly;

             3. the actual operation;

             4. winding fault

Remedy: 1. replace the bearing;

              2. Install the grinding wheel correctly;

              3. Check the power supply;

              4. check the winding

Winding burned

Causes: 1.stator, rotor broom;

             2. Three-phase motor is out of phase;

             3. Single-phase motor is incorrectly connected to 380V power supply

Remedy: 1. replace the bearing;

              2. Check the power supply;

              3. check the power supply

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