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How to make a simple grinder
Dec 24, 2018

For larger blanks or other rough objects, it is necessary to sharpen the burrs or polish them, which requires the use of large grinders. Here is a hand-made simple grinder. Note: Non-mechanical manufacturers should be careful to make.

      Tools/raw materials

      1, 3 KW motor

      2, belt, pulley.

      3. Axis.

      4, the bracket.

 Method / step:

      Large grinders require more power to facilitate grinding. It is ok to use a 3 or 4 kW motor.

      For safety, the speed of the suspended grinder is generally more than 1000 revolutions to achieve the grinding requirements. Therefore, the speed of the motor is selected from a 4-pole motor of about 1440 rpm. The pulley is matched with 1 to 1.

      For the requirements of the crankshaft, the shaft should be thick and the jump should be small. Bearings should be flexible. The nut at both ends is different from the ordinary common shaft, and is generally a positive and a negative fastening method.

      The motor and shaft of the grinder should be installed in parallel and the position should be reasonable. The mounting screws should use flat pads and spring pads, and the parts should be connected reasonably. A 3 mm thick protective cover should be installed outside the grinder, and the skeleton can be made of angle steel.

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