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Grinding wheel precautions
Nov 08, 2018

Grinding wheels are an integral part of the grinder. When using grinding wheels, you should pay attention to:

1. Check the grinding wheel before installation to see if there is any crack, and use a wooden hammer to strike the grinding wheel to hear if there is abnormal sound. If there is, the grinding wheel can not be used, so as to avoid the damage caused by the broken wheel.

2. If the wheel is used newly or every other day, it should be idling for more than one minute before use. If everything is normal, it can be used according to the safety regulations of the grinding machine.

3. Since the grinding wheel is brittle and fragile, please do not let it be impacted, collided, or fall. Store it with anti-freeze and moisture-proof. Keep the room cool and ventilated. Place it flat, stack it neatly, pay attention to dustproof, keep the unused grinding wheel clean, and do not press it.

4. When installing the grinding wheel, the center of the grinding wheel must be found. At the same time, it should be fastened with flange. After installing the flange, it should be checked whether the outer circle of the grinding wheel is concentric with the main shaft. At least one side of the grinding wheel is perpendicular to the center line of the main shaft.

5. After installing the grinding wheel, for safety reasons, please do not install the qualified protective cover before starting the machine.

After the above steps are completed, the grinding wheel can be used. You should also pay attention when using:

1. The speed of the grinding wheel must not exceed the specified safe working line speed.

2. Do not use the end face grinding wheel exclusively. Please do not work with the end face of the grinding wheel.

3. When grinding the workpiece, do not push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

4. The dressing wheel should be specially trimmed. Operators must wear protective goggles when trimming.

5. In the grinding process, the coolant should be used correctly; if the coolant is not used, there must be a dustproof device.

6. Customers who use grinding wheels should be familiar with the installation and operation procedures of the grinding wheel.


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