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Grinding machine grinding characteristics
Jan 25, 2019

In the process of cutting gold chips, worn tools cannot be used any more and must be re-grinded with a grinder. The quality of the sharpening will directly affect the cutting performance of the tool and the quality of the workpiece to be machined. The purpose of the sharpening is to re-establish the correct geometry of the cutting part of the tool, so that the cutting edge has high sharpness and durability. degree.

    1. Basic principles of tool sharpening When cutting a tool, the following principles should be observed.

    (1) Understand the geometrical angle and technical requirements of the tool and determine the grinding method.

    (2) Select the appropriate grinder according to the geometry, material and processing requirements of the tool

    (3) Correctly adjust the relative position of the tool and the grinding wheel on the grinder during sharpening to ensure the correct geometry of the tool.

    (4) Select the appropriate grinding amount according to the tool material and processing requirements during sharpening, and avoid burn tools.

    (5) In the sharpening process, take the timing of dressing the grinding wheel, prematurely trimming waste, and over-repairing the grinding wheel passivation to make the sharpened surface burn.

    (6) Dry grinding is used. There must be sufficient cutting aids when using wet grinding.

    2. Features of sharpening tools Compared to other grinding, tool sharpening has the following characteristics:

    (1) Sharpening tool A ship is machined in a grinder, a turning tool, a special special tool such as a broach, a gear cutter, a forming tool, etc. in a special grinding machine.

    (2) The purpose of the sharpening tool is to make the cutting edge have a sharp, complete and smooth cutting edge. For this reason, the tool can not be burned and annealed during the grinding process. After the tool is finished, the oil should be oiled in time and packaged into the warehouse.

    (3) In addition to the strict calculation of the size of the sharpening tool, the shape and position of the tool should also be taken seriously, such as the straightness of the tooth, the amount of radial runout, the axiality of the tooth and the handle, etc., all of which must meet the requirements.

    (4) During the sharpening of the tool, the operator's head is close to the grinding wheel, so the sharpener should wear safety protective equipment, with special emphasis on wearing the protective device and avoiding the direction of rotation of the grinding wheel.

    3. Types of tools Tools are tools for removing excess material, and they come in a variety of forms.


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