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Grinder suspension device and system thereof
Dec 31, 2018

Grinders are common equipment for grinding various tools, tools and blanks and are widely used in industrial production. A suspended grinder is a grinder. The overhead grinding machine is an electric grinding wheel with a casing. It is mainly suspended from pillars or trolleys. The operator can hold the handle on the grinder. operating. Because the hanging grinder is easy to operate and has a large operating range, it has a wide range of applications in industrial production.

In some SMEs, the opportunity to suspend the grinding wheel involves two problems: First, due to the presence of the gantry crane and the roof support frame in the factory, the length of the suspension rod of the grinding machine is limited, resulting in a limited working range. Grinding machines; most suspensions are manual rockers. Adjusting the position and height of the grinder is very inconvenient and affects work efficiency.

By the search, the prior art suspension grinder technical solution has been disclosed in related patents, for example, Patent Publication No.: CN 201304601 Y, published date: September 9, 2009, the name of the present invention is: grinder suspension The application discloses a suspension device for a grinder comprising a pulley block, a rocker arm, a rope, a lift truck, a hook and a grinder. The rocker arm is slidably coupled to the pulley block and the outer end of the rocker arm is secured to the wall by a cord. On the rocker arm, the lift truck is connected by a slide rail, and the hook is suspended from the lift truck, and the grinder capable of grinding the steel ingot is hung on the hook. The application uses the cooperation of the rocker arm and the pulley block to achieve the movement of the grinding fan within the fan-shaped range. However, in this application, the suspension portion of the grinder consisting of the rocker arm and the pulley rope occupies a large space and cannot accommodate the existing gantry crane. Factory buildings with complex environments such as brackets, suspension devices are fixed on the wall surface, covering only the fan-shaped range, making the grinding machine have a small working range and large use restrictions.

In summary, how to overcome the shortcomings of the existing hanging grinders, such as large occupied space and small working range, is a technical problem that needs to be solved in the prior art.


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