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Belt grinding machine features
Oct 24, 2018

Abrasive belt grinding is an elastic grinding process, which is a composite machining process with various functions of grinding, grinding and polishing.

 The abrasive grains on the abrasive belt have stronger cutting ability than the abrasive grains, so the grinding efficiency is very high.

In terms of grinding wheel grinding, the grinding of the belt has a cold grinding phenomenon, that is, the grinding temperature is low, and the surface of the workpiece is less prone to burns.

  The belt grinding system has low vibration and good stability.

 The grinding speed is stable, and the belt drive wheel does not grind like a grinding wheel. The smaller the diameter, the slower the speed.

 The belt polishing machine grinds the surface quality of the workpiece with high surface roughness value, good residual stress state, and no micro crack or metallographic structure change on the surface.

 Abrasive belt grinding costs are low. Automatic tapping machine is mainly manifested in:

 Abrasive belt grinding equipment is simple

 Abrasive belt grinding ratio is large, machine tool power utilization is high, and cutting efficiency is high.

 Abrasive belt grinding is very safe, noise and dust are small, easy to control, and environmental benefits.

 Since the belt itself is very light in weight, there is no danger of injury even if it breaks.

 The abrasive belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable. This is manifested in:

 Abrasive belt grinding is very convenient for grinding flat, inner and outer circles and complex surfaces.

 The base material, abrasive and binder of the abrasive belt have a wide range of choices and can be adapted to various applications.

The size, length and width of the belt are also available in a variety of sizes, and are available in rolls, rings and many other forms.

 For the same workpiece, abrasive belt grinding can be processed using a variety of different grinding methods and process configurations.

 Abrasive belt grinding is extremely versatile

 The superior grinding performance and flexible process characteristics of the belt determine its extremely wide range of applications.

From everyday life to industrial production, abrasive belt grinding is used in almost all areas.

The automatic tapping machine can easily process various complex surfaces by utilizing the flexibility of the belt.

 Abrasive belt grinding equipment is available in a variety of forms and varieties. The general-purpose belt grinding equipment is small with a portable belt machine, a belt polishing machine, a small belt machine, a bench belt machine; a large outer belt grinding machine, a flat belt grinding machine, a small belt machine, and a centerless belt grinding machine. Belt grinding machines and internal grinding belt grinding machines, etc.

And special models specially developed according to needs.

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