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Analysis of the Status Quo and Development of China's AC MOTOR Market
Jul 24, 2018

As an important electromagnetic device for realizing electric energy conversion or transmission, the electric AC MOTOR is mainly used to generate the drive and is the power source of the reducer. The quality of the AC MOTOR is directly related to the energy consumption and service life of the reducer. China's 12th and 50th key energy-saving projects have also included AC MOTOR system energy-saving projects, and a national high-efficiency AC MOTOR promotion conference was held in March this year. From the current point of view, China's AC MOTOR design technology has reached maturity and is a major AC MOTOR exporter. Since the United States and other developed countries have fewer and fewer AC MOTOR manufacturers, they all rely on imports, which has brought huge market potential to China's AC MOTOR industry. The export prospects of China's AC MOTOR industry are very broad.

Due to the demand of the domestic market, the AC MOTOR manufacturers in China are designed to have a relatively large size in terms of appearance. Compared with large foreign AC MOTORs, the cost of raw materials is high, and the production cost is naturally high. At present, the development trend of large-scale AC MOTORs in the world is light and simple. China's large-scale AC MOTORs do not have competitive advantages in terms of volume and price. Therefore, China's design capability of large-scale AC MOTORs needs to be improved. Only by enhancing the international competitiveness of China's local AC MOTOR manufacturing enterprises, China's AC MOTOR manufacturing industry will become a global supplier of electric AC MOTORs.

In the future, China's AC MOTOR industry should increase the overall management of design and manufacturing capabilities, and strengthen the standardization of independent innovation and research and development. It is necessary to focus on the energy-saving and environmental protection work of large-scale electric AC MOTORs around energy-efficient utilization, standardize the development goals and technical requirements of the AC MOTOR industry, and then be able to adapt to the needs of the market economy and national industrial development.

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