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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of AC motor and DC motor
Jul 24, 2018

Electric motor is a kind of machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It is divided into AC motor and DC motor. They have advantages and disadvantages. Now let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages of AC motor and DC motor.

First of all, the use of power is not the same, the AC motor uses AC power, such as domestic 220v/380v AC, alternator, etc., and DC motor uses DC power, such as dry batteries, batteries.

Second, the AC motor is more reliable than the DC motor, and the cost is lower than that of the DC motor. It is mainly used in industrial and agricultural production.

Third, the structure is different. The DC motor has one more commutator than the AC motor. The DC power supply is more convenient to carry out. This is the most important difference between them.

Fourth, the DC motor has a larger speed range than the AC motor, and it is easy to smoothly adjust the speed, easy to control, high speed performance, speed regulation is small energy consumption, can adapt to frequent starting occasions, widely used, DC motor can be used for screw lift Startup. However, DC motors are difficult to commutate and have poor reliability.

Fifth, DC motors are easier to control than AC motors, but require more maintenance than AC motors.

Sixth, DC motors can be divided into four types according to the excitation mode: the separately excited motor, the shunt motor, the series excitation motor and the compound excitation motor.

AC motors and DC motors have their own advantages and disadvantages, regardless of their application. Although the application range is slightly different, they are helpful to our lives.

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